Adventurous Learning

The book is out!  Cheers Mike!

I hope to have the Intro, Foreword, and Chapter 1, all available on this Blog in the very near future.

For those interested in buying Adventurous Learning, you have several options.


Amazon UK (but they don’t pay their taxes)

Blackwell’s (Uni affiliated book store in Edinburgh)

Wordpower (Indy bookseller in Edinburgh)


Adventurous Learning cover

The time has come…

Until now, I’ve not seen the point of a blog, but my opinion has changed in the last little while.

I now see how a blog may serve as a place where informal, half-baked ideas can be ‘floated’ and information can be shared with those who I don’t see on a day-to-day basis.

2016 is the year that I am giving social media a fair shake.  I bought my first smart phone, began tweeting, and have started this blog.

Here goes!