Scottish School Inspection Reports and Outdoor Learning

The official report from our study which interrogated school inspection reports in Scotland for instances of outdoor learning has been published.  Please click here to download the report.


School inspections cover shot


Adventure & Society is out!

I’m delighted to announce that my co-authored book with Chris Mackie and Matt Atencio – Adventure & Society – is officially out!

If you’re interested in reading about the book’s content and structure, or purchasing a softcover copy or e-book, you can find more information on the Palgrave website.

Click on the following hyperlinks for free copies of the Frontmatter and of Chapter 1.

I really hope you enjoy the read.  I sure learned a ton through the research and writing!


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Gordonstoun research: Full report

I’m proud and delighted to be able to release the full commissioned research report that was delivered to Gordonstoun School.   Both the School and I hope the findings will give further support to local authorities that seek to boost their arguments for more importance to be placed on providing more out-of-classroom learning experiences for their children.

Special thanks to the wonderful Gordonstoun team who worked with us: Eve Poole, Sabine Richards, Marina Edge, and Lisa Kerr; and to three outstanding researchers: Roger Scrutton, Chris Mackie, and Jenni Hume.

Download the full report here.

Follow this link to Gordonstoun’s summary booklet of the research.

Gordo report screenshot

A short piece on Adventurous Learning

School Travel Organiser is a magazine for teachers.  I wrote a short article on Adventurous Learning for their readership.  This might be the kind of easily digestible piece that can be shared with those colleagues and managers who require a little more persuasion before stepping outside the classroom…

You can download it here.

Japanese Place-based Education Conference Proceedings

Hats off to Jun Ohmae and Takako Takano for putting together an outstanding conference on Place-based Education in Tokyo in January, 2016.  The conference proceedings have been produced in Japanese and English and feature transcriptions of the four keynote addresses.  The speakers were Amba Jamir from India, Ong Wei Lin from Singapore, Prof. Toshio Kuwako from Japan, and little old me.

Click here to download the 2.6 MB document.

Mini-lecture on Authentic Learning Contexts

A few months ago, I did a mini-lecture for Cornell University’s MOOC on Environmental Education: Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Addressing Wicked Problems, which was led by Professor Marianne Krasny.

Although I look at my notes a little too much, the four minute video covers some of the content from Chapter 5 in the Adventurous Learning book that I wrote with Mike Brown. Special thanks to Nicol Craig, who filmed and produced the video so expertly.

Click here to be taken to the video.

The time has come…

Until now, I’ve not seen the point of a blog, but my opinion has changed in the last little while.

I now see how a blog may serve as a place where informal, half-baked ideas can be ‘floated’ and information can be shared with those who I don’t see on a day-to-day basis.

2016 is the year that I am giving social media a fair shake.  I bought my first smart phone, began tweeting, and have started this blog.

Here goes!